I've been playing for 2 years and currently have an epi les paul special two.
Some of the bands i like to play are nirvana,, metallica, avenged sevengfold. I basically play all types of rock and i also want to get into shredding a little bit.
anyways here are the guitars ive limited it to


i know there are a few and ill have to try them out but i just want to know what you recommend and dont reccomend thanjs
Im gonna say the RG, but only b/c it has a Floyd, which is a big part of A7X music. But its a bad Floyd. So go for the Gibson.
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price range?
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I have the SG faded, and I really like it. But I have to agree with the guy above me, you don't really know until you try them out.
try out a SG Faded or a Epi Firebird.

i got the Epi Firebird because it was $400 vs $600 and i wanted to save money for a new amp, but the SG is VERY cool.
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I say the RG, then. 2/3 of the bands you mentioned use Floyd Roses heavily, and it's a pretty nice guitar. the guitar I'd reccomend the least on there is the SG Special Faded, extremely overrated and overpriced. It's basically an Epi special with nicer pickups and marginally better quality control. Anyway, the RG will leave you a nice amount of money for a pickup change, too.
also... DO NOT use musicians friend... that firebird i mentioned? i waited a month for it and it never came so i canceled it and the day before i ordered the SG it was on my door... that craptastic company never canceled my order, they just put it on backorder without telling me.

i like AMS...they're cheaper, better service, and ALOT faster:
I think the Epiphone Limited Edition G-400 Custom would suit you best for your style of music, and as an easy transition from your current guitar weight, size, and playability wise.

You'd think one of the Les Paul would be, but they are a lot heavier and harder to reach the upper frets than with the Special (I know, I started off with an Epi Special (not no.2, the original) and now play an Epi LP Custom).
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I would say the RG. They are made for heavy music. I got one, its been my only guitar for 3 years, its absolutely amazing.
I really suggest http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jackson-DK2-Dinky-Electric-Guitar?sku=511668 That over the RG, because the rg's trem is complete crap, atleast with the jackson you get a descent floyd rose that will last you more than a year or two.
Or this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Stiletto-6-Electric-Guitar?sku=515761 would be good too.
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