hey guys, i have my action pretty low, its at 1.5mm on the Low E and 1mm on the High E, and it puzzles a lot acoustically, but when i plug it into the amp you cant even hear it even on the clean channels at all, not even a bit. Is this somewhat normal?
Lower action means more buzzing if you play harder, it requires a soft touch. Might also be you need new strings if it didn't do this before.

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I was about to post this in the other thread:

"There's actually not enough information here for anyone to say his setup is bad. For one thing, if it feels good to him, it can't be that bad because it's his guitar and he can set it up any way he wants it.

IMO the best way to see if your neck is straight (and if your truss rod is adjusted correctly) is to look down both sides of the neck and see how straight it is. I don't mess around with that fretting the first and last frets and checking in the middle. Keep in mind that it's not supposed to be 100% straight but should have a barely discernible forward bow. "

As for your question here, yes if your action is very low you might get unplugged buzz but if it doesn't come through on the amp and you are satisfied with your sustain you have nothing to worry about.
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well yeah it's normal cuz our pickups are magents and are based on the principle of cutting magnetic fields etc...i wont go into the complicated explanation....lol

but the thing is that when your action is too low your strings die out pretty quick....lesss sustain...u'll probably cant hold a bend for very long...

then again it's how it feels to u i guess...if u like it that low then go for it....
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it's probably just teh way you hit the string, if theres nothing coming through the amp then you're fine, i have teh same thing on my ibanez
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