Well, iv decided that my next guitar will probably be a V or a ML of some sort. I have been researching v's online, and basically i cant find what im looking for. I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some v's to look at. Before you ask, it will be a while before i can get to a decent guitar store ( seeing as i live in the middle of nowhere) so i can not try these guitars, yet. Here is what im looking for

1. FRET ACCESS FRET ACCESS FRET ACCESS!!!!! i know v's are supposed to have good fret access, but some of them i have seen have made me cry.

2. i need a trem. It doesnt have to be the best quality, i dont use them much, and if it ****s out i can just replace it with an OFR.

3. i need it to have a slim neck, the neck im using right now is a Thin U neck found on most of the LTD series.

4. preferably decent pickups, i dont really feel like switching them out. I will if i have too.

5. a Rhoads-like shape would be nice, its easier to play sitting down. Its not necessary though, i have other guitars for when i sit.

6. it would be great if it had 24 frets, 22 will work though

7. Under 1000 USD

Thanks ahead of time

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I like the ML cuz its easier to hold but the ftret access at the higher notes
aren't as easy to reach in my opinion.

the V is more difficult to hold, but the only V I've played is a Dave Mustaine
Sig. On the plus side, the neck was thin and it had EMGs.

i forgot that the price limit is 1000 USD

thanks for recommending the dave mustaine sig, but the ones i saw on Deans website were hardtail.