Im working on a Dead Marshall VS100. When you turn it on the BR1 connection sparks, the schematics states it just a diode array but is fully incased. So i was going to replace that (which im still not sure were im going to find one, need help there as well). But the main question is the amp is coated with some sort of oily film. I've opened up a different one of these amps and a few other amps and never experianced this. Any thoughts on what it might be or if they ship from the factory like this. Its equally coated on both pcb boards and the metal underneath... Any help would be appreciated..
Hmm, strange. It could be a coating to stop the board oxidising, but I'm not sure. What colour is the oily stuff?
Chances are BR1's just a bridge rectifier - pretty common to find in different stores. If you can post a copy of the schematic, I'm sure we can work out what model you will need to replace it.
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Found out what the oil is, got in contact with the guy that had it before me. He sprayed contact solution on everything in site hoping that would fix it. So the thing is drenched in the stuff. And ended up tracing and checking out everything and found out the capacitor is blown, so an easy fix this time...

Thanks for your help... And now that, that issue is solved ill have enough time to do the Keeley mod to my tubescreamer woot woot...
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