so i just started picking up the acoustic guitar my dad plays and so does my brother, they both tought themselves and i'm trying to do the same....well maybe with the help you all. I know basic chords and thats about it. my transitioning to chord to chord is terrible, and can never really pick up the strumming pattern. before i get all complex i am starting off with "Losing Keys" By jack johnson. its a relatively easy song with only five chords G D Em C Am. It's a really slow song in the sense that all you ahve to do is strum the chord.

so i was wondering if anyone knows the song and has recommendation on a good way to play the song or just flat out transitioning from chord to chord.
my rule when i teach anyone to play, if you can't hum it,you can't play it, otherwise,just keep practicing, if it's your fingers getting all tied in a knot, you will get it. if its the chord progression your having trouble with, hum it first, make sure you know the pattern, then have a go at it.