Please fill me in on exactly what it is when I hear about a Perfect 4th interval. I know about intervals but I am curious as to why/how perf. 4ths are important and the sound they give. Also, how do they related to 5ths?

Thanks a lot!
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perfect fourths are just...fourths, i guess. fourths can be augmented, or diminished. an augmented fourth makes a tritone. im sure i missed something somewhere...

oh yeah, perfect fourths are a whole tone below fifths
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a perfect 4th is always 5 frets away (longways down the neck) and a 5th is always 7. They are perfect because of the way you flatten and sharpen them to change keys, and they are less commonly adjusted. The 3rd, 6th, and 7th are much more commonly changed. This is why they are 'perfect'. Is that what you were looking for?
Think "Smoke on the Water," those are fourths. A little harsher than fifths, but still consonant enough to be played whenever. Blues solos use them quite a bit, a common blues technique is to slide to a note and then immediately after play it's fourth interval. Classical guitar pieces have them thrown in for a little extra punch on the downbeats, usually in my experience it goes from a 4th to a dim4th with a static bass note played between them or whatever.

Fourths are pretty cool but I'm more of a 3rds and 6ths kinda guy.
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You can also look at a fourth as an inverted fifth; that's how come Smoke on the Water ends up being in G rather than D; those intro chords are inverted power chords.
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Can someone give me a few song examples and/or any other examples that may help?

The first 8 notes in the Lemmings music

It then switches to 5ths btw...
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