I bought a 1990 Les Paul Studio the other day, and one of the pickups was cutting out on me. So I brought it to a tech, and he checked the wiring, re-soldered some things, and so on, and concluded that the pickup itself is faulty. It's the bridge pickup, which would make it the 498T I guess.

So I'm going to buy a new pickup. Any suggestions? I play electric blues/blues rock type stuff, and I wasn't real happy with the sound of the 498T when it worked anyway (the 490R in the neck position sounds incredible though). Seemed a bit thin and twangy.

I'm thinking I want something with a nice hot output, for lead and soloing stuff, but how will that affect my sustain? As I understand it, hot output = stronger magnets = less sustain.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
brustbuckers. don't know what they sound like but thats what are in a standard and everyone seems to like them.
Well I've actually heard a burstbucker, and it's pretty damn good for that Paul tone.

But Nath, you oughtn't just recommend things because you've "heard" they're good.
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Didn't Kerry King use MGs at some point?

I think he just endorses them because he likes sacks of money
i was just throwing that out thier he should try to play the pick ups he wants tp put in his paul.
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Good advice.

What kind of music do you like, threadstarter? Like, specific bands do you want to sound like, to help us know what tone you're looking for?

I listen to all kinds of music, but what I'm looking for out of this pickup is something that would work well for soloing - so sustain, clarity, etc are good features. Heh, I'm not really sure how to describe what I'm looking for.
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^I find that things mostly useless. Recommend the JB/Jazz combo for a lot of things...

^^Well, what artists would you like to sound like?

I don't, particularly. I can give you a list of artists whose soloing tone I like, but they're fairly divergent players who use very different methods to get their sound - Slash, SRV, Dimebag, etc...

But I'm not trying to sound like any of them. I really just want a pickup that'll give me a good clear, strong output. I can make it sound how I want via amps and effects, but I want a pickup that'll give me a good starting point. The neck pickup on my LP is great in a lot of ways, but it's a bit dark. I want something that sounds "good" like the neck pickup (though I don't know how to define good, exactly), but with a more fiery sound, more harmonics, etc. The one in the bridge position now has a kind of "crackly" quality to it that I don't particularly like.

GoDrex: thanks, I'll check that out.
Okay...I'm just going to through out some ideas...

If you want PAF on Steroids tone...check out the Seymour Duncan Custom 5 or the Dimarzio Breed. The Breed is fatter, but the Custom 5 has that sweet top end sizzle I love. Both make great bridge pickups.

If you're looking for a slightly brighter neck pickup, check out the Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59. It's a normal PAF type tone, which still goes a long way.

I find that PAF tones are the most versatile of pickup tones.
Is there any way for me to try them before I buy them? I mean, I can't just walk into Guitar Center and start swapping pickups in and out.
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. I'll post back here when I make a decision.