hey guys i want to get a dean mlx for my birthday, and i was wondering if anyone has or has played one of these and how you liked it. im kindof on a low budget so if you know of any better guitars under $200 then let me know. thanks!
i have an MLX and a VX, both i got for 200 bucks, and I love the guitars, the necks are nice and flat, and you can shred faster on them than any of my other guitars. I mainly picked them up because I wanted to own a Dean, and at the time was on a low budget myself. Great guitar for rock, hard rock, southern rock, or metal.

Because it's basswood, its really light, so strapping on another guitar, you will definately feel it in your shoulder
srsly try saving more then try geetin something else... like a ESP LTD f250
i have an ltd mh 1000 as well, and i gotta tell you, i prefer the deans for many things, the necks are just more comfortable. its all preference, and you should be playing one yourself, instead of asking what everyone else thinks, because all youre going to get, is alot of opinions, and so far, on here, I've learned, that everyone thinks the more expensive, the better the guitar, which is not always the case.