I was looking for the closest thing to a SS version of the '65 Twin Reverb, and I found the Frontman 65R to fit best. I know, it's SS, so therefore it's a p.o.s. and I need to get tube or go run off the face of earth and die. << Such is everyone's logic on here.

Anyways, I have a few questions about it.

First, are the components good enough quality, and able to withstand a few years and gigs?

The reason I'm asking ^ is because I have a Roland Cube 15W, and it makes this electrical smell after like an hour. It's kinda bad actually. I think it may be a bad transistor or something somewhere. I don't want to have this problem with my Fender amp.

Can anyone answer if the Frontman has good quality components?

Second, it has a PRE IN, and PWR OUT. I asked the guy he said it's for a Preamp and power amp, but it CAN be used as an FX Loop. If it turns out not to be an FX loop, I could just run the pedals from my guitar to the input jack on the amp, right?

Answer this too ^....

It has a built-in reverb. The guy said it's spring, but it's probably just a model OF spring reverb. It only has one knob for reverb level (amount of reverb), so it MAY be spring, I' not sure. But for $270, I don't know what type it would be.

Could someone answer this for me?

Lastly, if and when I start to gig with it, how would I transport it safely? I was thinking about getting a metal amp case, and putting that in the trunk. That would be fine, right? I mean, it wouldn't get scratched, or the components wouldn't get impacted or anything, right?

Thanks for your time. If you could answer the above questions, that would be great.
Its probably not a spring tank reverb, but just a type of reverb. And definately get a case for it or something for protection, even tho its closed-back i think.
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Its probably not a spring tank reverb, but just a type of reverb. And definately get a case for it or something for protection, even tho its closed-back i think.

no, i have one, the back is open, and its plate i think.
Ok Questions answering. I have the 212 version, so its pretty close.

Ive had mine for a year and a half, 10-12 gigs, and absolutely no problems reliability wise. Ive dropped the damn thing, and it still works fine. I.e it appears to have reliable components, tho i havent taken mine apart.

As far as i know it can be used as an effects loop, but I have never tried. I just run my multi FX in front of the main input and it works fine. I skip the onboard distortion because it is very limited, and doesnt have enough contour for me.

As far as i know its spring reverb, or "long spring reverb" as Fender calls it. There is a reverb tank on the bottom of the amp (open backed amp) with RCA plugs in, and one knob to control. Sounds OK, but not the best. again im not sure if its spring reverb.

I would skip a case, as the case will be close to the value of the amp. Its decently well built and will stand a bit of physical abuse. Like I said the compontents are well hidden and should hold up fine. I say skip the case.

Sound wise (i know you didnt ask) its decent, and pretty good for the money. Personally I would tell you to work to a tube amp, but if you want an SS for reliabiltiy I understand that. Maybe go for some FX to build up a good tone.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions.
Everything you need to know is there.

Yes, it is an effects loop, but that doesn't mean you should run all your effects in there. The kind of effects that sound best in there are modulation and time-based modulation, like delay, or phaser. And even then, it's not required.

If there's a tank in the amp, then it's probably spring reverb. If not, it's probably just digital modeling.

As for transportation....You don't NEED to get a case for it. Just be careful when you put it in your car. I don't know if the front of the amp has a metal grill to protect the speakers, so that may be something you want to check.

And I said you should save up some more not because it's SS. Just because it's SS doesn't mean it's crap. I said to save up for more, because the amp is just crap because it's crap. Better gig worthy amps are available for just a LITTLE over that price point.
well, I would like a $400 or $500 amp, but it's all i can afford right now. Also too I don't want anything heavy. All the ones that I REALLY WANTED are like 60 or 70 pound 2x12"s. Maybe as an upgrade from this. This the Fender is just an upgrade from my Cube. It's only temporary.

I also would like a Rickenbacker. So...yeah, I don't know what I want. :P
oh, then say wheels. I thought casters were some electronic term for tone enhancement or something. <<<God am I stupid!!!

Well, yeah, that would make a LOAD of difference. But you still have to pick it up to put it in the car, and again when you get there, and when you leave. UGH!

"Course it's worth it so I guess I'll just cowboy up.

L8TR guys. Thanks for everything.
I put them on my vox. The damn things saved my back!
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I used to have one, its not really a bad sounding amp. Its sound better than its 100watt brother. It is spring reverb, i know this because if you have the reverb on and you hit it, you can hear the spring. The cleans are decent, the distortion isnt horrible. It will last a few years. i reccomend it if thats all you can afford. Maybe a decent sounding OD would be nice.

and the power amp in and stuff does work for an effects loop.
I think they're pretty nasty, it only resembles a Twin Reverb physically, it doesn't sound anything like one. I

f you want an amp like that you'd be better off with an old Peavey Stereo Chorus IMO.
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