I got home and i found this on my deck -

I had one almost bought a few weeks ago but long story short the music store sold it even tho i told em' i was coming back the next day


My avatar 212 hasn't come yet so i made my friend bring his so i could play it for a few and W O W this thing blows away ANY 5150, 6505+, and almost every other "METAL AMP" ive played. (my friends Dual rec he brought when he brought the avatar was BLOWN away :p I this thing..best amp ive had. My next amp purchase is definitely going to be the KRANK Krankenstein+ (only so i can be like Erock, haha just kidd) Going to get some stuff to record this weekend so wait for some clips

I also found a AMAZING lefty ESP USA custom shop (1 of a kind) on ebay that ill post a pic or 2 when it comes

NICE! Great amp!
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nice amp but were the massive pics absolutely necessary, they are bigger than my screen
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i didnt know they were that big o well. Next time ill shoot for bigger pics.

those lakai's dont fit or i'd ware em .. Like the Flanel?
When I see "Kleen Channel" I always think of Kleenex:P Great amps though.
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not my cup of tea, but if it makes you happy then congratz
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yea sorry about the pics i forgot to resize em they are really big. Took them 4ever to upload or i would make em smaller.
very nice.
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haha, congrats man!
killer amp, that and the ESP are going to be a sick combo. Looks so clean too, was it brand new?
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congratz mate

let's all go to moe's!

When did I ever invite you?

Nice amp dude!!
I'd like to see what the fuss is all about, but your pictures are too small. Can't even see.
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