Climactic Romantic

Ripping worlds like flesh
Breaking silence like bones
Allowing darkness to mesh
Creating shadows I call home

An impact on those who in fact
Have developed dead ears
Through the monotonous
Repetitions (repetitions)
Of their very fears…

And I’m saying this for your own good,
An existence under rough covers,
Is no better than one understood.

As our vitality seems so out of reach
When the dead and dying is all that’s preached.
So we break our vow
To live with the our lies
Live in the now.
Black hole whispers
That drag us into and out of
Our sense of how...

We came to this on our own

Our sense of why…

We came to this on our throne

Our sense of when…

We ventured into the unknown

And our sense of what…

To do now that we’re alone

In this tale of not the beauty and the beast,
But the glorious and deceased.
Where our breath is praised for still being here,
And it’s the only worship that can still be called sincere.

I guess the only thing to do,
Is to allow the sun to blind us,
As we peek past our covers.
Turning reality askew,
Making life and death,
in the 4th stanza the last 4 lines dont really flow witht he rest. besides that very well done i enjoyed it quit a bit.

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