Hi I have a problem with my amp or cable, dont know which. I have two cables, and a VOX AD50VT-212 amp. The amp is relatively silent when not playing, but when a note is played anywhere on the fretboard, a loud buzz occurs. Could someone please tell me what the problem is, and if it is with the amp how to fix it?
-Thanks a lot,
try a new cable or a cable confirmed to work and a different guitar, like a friend's. if that works, then it is your cable or guitar.

open you guitar's control cavity and look for loose cables.
thanks. It does it on both guitars, so its probably not the guitar. Is there any possibility its the amp?
did you try a new or different cable? try the stupid stuff first.

if it is not the cable, it sounds like there is a loose or partially grounded wire: the input jack could get worn from years of use.

is that a tube amp? you sometimes need to replace the tubes every couple years, they burn out. i don't know a ton about that, since i have never owned a tube amp.