when i connect it to my computer and it starts recharging, but it doesn't show up in my itunes. and when it does, it says i have to reset it, but when i do, it still doesn't work? what's wrong with my ipod?
its a 30gig ipod video btw
call apple.
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Do you have Apple Care? Unlike Microsoft, Apple actually cares about its customers. Also, try the Apple knowledge base, theres a lot of info on there. I remember when my iPod messed up though, I simply plugged it into a different firewire port and it magically worked, weird.
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maybe you need to upgrade your iPod?
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i got a similar problem today with my ipod
i was loading more songs and the ipod just went "songless"
i had 770 song(only a 4GB ipod) and they disapeared
i was lucky that i fix it like in 10 minutes

to you problem
did you tried connecting your ipod more than 1 time
if that doesn´t work try reinstalling itunes
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It keeps saying that my iPod is corrupted and i need to reset it..i reset it and it still doesn't work