I just bought tickets to the Baltimore show of Gignatour 2008. I can't ****ing wait. The bill is;
In Flames
Job For a Cowboy
Children of Bodom
High on Fire

Anyone else going? Dude I'm going nuts until the show. Has anyone else already seen this?

by the way, is the moshing really bad here or is it possible to avoid?
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Trying to avoid moshing at Children of Bodom show... Was that a serious question?
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YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! I'm hoping to go my friend told me about this today! Idk this prolly should be in the metal forum tho...
add me if you wish...
Metal Forum, now. *chases the mall metal kids away with a stick*
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I'm probably gonna be killed for saying this in this forum, but the only good band there is Megadeth. Not that the regulars would like another band, but they would just hate all of them.
o wow, dis show is fackin saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. megadEth is soooooo gooooood!!! im gonna fackin mess kidz up in da pit for ChilDren Of BoDom!!!!!!11 I hope my bondage bracelets don't fall off and i lose them, LoLz!!!!!!11
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As far as the moshing part goes when I go to show and feel like avoiding moshing such as when I am just not in the mood or with a girl thats a bit fragile. I either go far left and in front or far right in front. Or in the very back. It has always worked for me.
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Id go only for In Flames, but then again theyd play their new stuff which sucks
Rest of it is bleh, Megadeth is just megadeth, nothing to say.
JFAC got old fast. Probably get a better result in the metal forum