Im just another guitarist that has bad knowledge about guitar equipments. Anyway, ive been playing my guitar with stock pickups ever since i got it... Im buying a new amp this weekend and i got some extra cash to pick up some pickups (hehe get it?.. hehe nvm xD)

After doing some research everybody seems to love EMGs, but what about Seymour Duncans and Dimebuckers? Which should i buy?

I play mostly metal but versatile pickups would be nice because i also play some clean music.

Thank you.
You can't really go wrong with either. Check my sig for what I have. They're good for stuff from metal to blues and beyond. But if you want actives, EMG 60/81's are great (Had a guitar with them, sounded amazingly good clean) but I haven't played the blackouts yet. So, they're all good really, but I like SD's
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Definitely not dimebuckers, I'm a big fan of EMG's, but i've heard great things about the blackouts and you can't go wrong with SD.
I've played a set of EMG's, and I personally love them. I've never been a big fan of Duncans tho, but I have never played the new blackouts (Really want to try them) or the dimebucker, which, as much as I love Dime, is not a good sounding pickup IMO. I like heavy metal but I want every note to sound, and I want them CLEAN too lol
emg's 81/85 combo are a good choice if you want a well balanced tone.
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Don't get emgs, all they can do is metal, they are basically microphones!. Seriously, they are not very versatille pickups. I would reccomend Swineshead or Bare Knuckle pickups... that should do yah well. (you people and your corprate mainstream brands! haha just kidding). If not, Dimarzio superdistortion pickups are preety good...
Bareknuckle Nailbomb and Warpig/Painkiller(i love these two equally)
but ask Tim
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go with the emgs, someone said they dont do cleans well, but id argue that, with some tweaking on my amp i can get a nice clean sound, now im not an expert on cleans, but they sound nice
emg 81/85 combo they're pretty good when they are paired with EMG AB afterburner gain booster or a EMG PA2 booster switches.
Jackson DXMG With SD Blackouts
Jackson DK2M
Ibanez GSR205EX
Acoustic B200H W/ Acoustic B410
Peavey Vypyr 30
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EMG's. I have Blackouts and EMG's and they are both awesome active pickups. I took the EMG's out my PRS to test the blackouts but the EMG's will be goin back in next string change. I do like the Blackouts, but the neck pickup is too powerful and i need the EMG 60 for the cleans, its like night and day, the 60 just kicks its ass, and i do have i liking to it for leads. The Blackout neck resembles an EMG 85 more.

The Blackouts seem to have slightly more output, are pretty quiet i noticed through my rig at practice, have a nice mid-range. But i'm leaning towards my EMG's. The Blackouts will be goin in my next guitar though ! nice tonal variation.

a lot of big artists have started using the Blackouts though, like Mick Thomson and Alexi Laiho, but then again they'll be gettin paid a fortune to use em !
Emg 81 all the way.... and whatever the amp is if you got a muddy pickup then you need new pickups. My emg sounds good on my tube amp and on my solid state bedroom amp for practice. Before I had it, it was hard to practice because I didn't get the clarity I wanted. Now it sounds killer even on the practice amp. I also own the dimebucker and it sounds damn good with my 6505 but not so great with my practice amp. So I only use my guitar with emg's on the practice amp. I couldnt deal with stock pickups in none of my guitars. The dimebucker has a lot of distortion... I think theres better out there... The emg really has just killer tone and thats why you see so many people with them. Someone said "they are like microphones they are no good" lol And I guess passive pickups aren't picking up a signal like a microphone huh? Theres a reason you see so many people with emg's... .metallica, slayer, zakk wylde, chimaira.... I can name tons. They don't do it just for the hell of it. They sound better when playing metal and thats why a lot of people prefer it. I wouldn't use the blackouts just because the EMG has already proved itsself and I wouldn't go spend the money to try out a blackout when the emg is perfect. If I wasn't satisfied I might would try something else.