i have a metal zone....altho i dont use it anymore...i prefer a cleaner crunch sound now because i'm getting tired of pure gain.
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Shut about the metal zone and core, they make more noise and hiss than a hive of pissed of bees that just got jimmy tapped and shoved into the back of an amp with a pointy stick covered in rubbing alcohol.
i have a metal zone, its not to great on its own, but a 30 dollar dan electro eq pedal with it makes it a mixture of treble, chug, and clarity. but then again i play in drob a sharp, stuff you might not play.
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The metal muff is better, but better amp might be in order cause after a while u might get tired of the tones you get from the pedal...like i am.

+1, i'm getting a metal muff tomorrow i'll let you know how it turns out.
Metal Muff is better, IMO.

I found the metal zone to be really thin and scooped. I didn't like it at all.
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Metal Zone sucks..

Metal muff really good pedal but kind of buzzy for my liking.

Uber Metal Pantera in a box and two other settings that sound pretty good and it really brings out harmonics for some reason. I would pick that one over the two listed above.

And best would be anything boutique or my personal fav. Protone's Body Rot Pedal... But it might be to pricey for ya.

Good luck!
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+1, i'm getting a metal muff tomorrow i'll let you know how it turns out.

Cool yeah, the only beef i've got with it is the stupid open(wah in middle) sound you'll start to notice that you get from it. Kinda makes the distortion a little more scratchy, which is why i take down the treble and add the bass, leave mids alone.
Damage control, save 100 more bucks, tube distortion sounds beasty

Damage control Solid metal pedal 100 bucks more

Rockotron Silver Dragon 50 bucks more

^Both tube
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