I'm not sure where this is supposed to go, and if it is in the wrong place...please forgive me. Anyways, when turn the volume knob on my guitar it makes a scratchy sound (like theres a short somewhere) and the volume only works in select places: when its on around 1, 5, and all the way up. Is there any way I can fix this problem?

Guitar: Samick UM-4
Hi Aaron,

There isn't really a place for this.
But since the guys who build and mod know about repairs, this is as good as any place.

You can try cleaning your potentiometer. (volume control)
Look at the pic, below.
On the left side, see the rectangular opening in the metal case, below the lugs?
Get some aerosol cleaner from radioshack and spray it into the opening,
then rotate the control several times.

That might improve the contact well enough so it works for a while.
But you might have to just replace the pot.

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if you have an older guitar (and doing what SYK suggested didn't completely solve the problem), then it may be that the wiper's wires have worn through the resistive strip on the inside of the pot. See this article, and scroll a bit less than halfway down, just above "Tricks you can play". It explains what's going on, and in the 'tricks you can play' section, it gives you ways to fix it. Opening up the pot and bending the wiper contacts is what I'd reccomend if just buying a new pot is out of the question.