I bought my first electric guitar a few weeks ago (a squier strat) and when I play it, if I hold down the top two stings on the 2nd or 3rd fret I get some buzzing. A friend of mine, who has been playing for a number of years, told me I probably just need new strings. He said this, however, without ever having played my guitar. Could he be right or is there a problem with the guitar itself?
change the strings before you do anything else, if the buzzing isn't fixed with new strings, bring it to a shop and have them do a setup.
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try playing it for another week or two and if the problem persists try raising your action a little bit. or maybe change the strings (a good thing to do anyway with stock strings)
either way its not that tough of a fix. nor will it be an expensive one. do what that guy said^
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