So, I figured I'd post my cute little acoustic improv that's been lying around on my computer for a while. It's the only recording currently in my profile, and any comments (mostly on the quality of playing) would be nice.
You're a good guitarist, but there isn't exactly much else to say! If you can spare a few minutes try adding a little bit of reverb over the mix, it'll make the guitar sound a bit more natural and neutralise the 'small room' effect. SIR is a superb plugin if you haven't already got it.

Quality is quite high too, what mic are you using?
I'm pretty sure the mic is my iMac's built-in one.

I wasn't really going for sound quality at the time, it was more that I just felt like messing around with some improvisation and it ended up sounding nice. I don't have too much time now, but I suppose I'll try some reverb on that when I can.