these guitars come in sunbursts
and i see on different sites the burst looks difeerent

on guitar center it says vintage sunburst it looks brown
and on some ebay auctions it looks almost yellowy like the tobacco sunburst on slash's guitar

can anyone tell me if its just hte lighting?
which one is more accurate
i havent really seen any of them at the gc near me either


its gonna look more like a mix between the two pictures... because the flash in the bottom picture is very bright... and by the way... i own a honeyburst epiphone sg deluxe... rediculous guitars, very playable and the tone is nice...
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Well, don't think that the guitar you're buying it's gonna look just like in the picture.

Maybe it'll be a yellow-brownish sunburst. But whatever, don't worry a lot about that.
I think it's different from guitar to guitar, my Epi Les Paul Standard Honeyburst doesn't look like the pictures on internet, nor like the other of the same model and color in the store. It is much, much nicer.