I've been singing for about a year or two. I'm pretty confident about my voice but I just want to know what you guys think. Listen to the song "Watch you back" or "The Bottle" THanks there in my profile
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I'm going to quote myself from a few weeks ago on another one of your threads:

"Dude, stop asking this question. We've answered the same question several times and you get a similar response each time. Your other threads:








All of these are essentially the same thread and we give you a similiar crit everytime. You're most recent one came out less than a week ago. I highly doubt your voice has changed much in that short ammount of time. If this is just to show case more of your songs, we have other threads for that."
sure... you didn't realize...

Anyways I like the voice. I wouldn't say you're a GREAT singer, but good. I like the uniqueness