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Im going to a concert with my friend and I bought tickets thinking it was an A7X concert but it turns out Atreyu, Bullet for my Valentine and Bless the fall are gonna be there and I dont really like Atreyu that much. and i have never heared BTF or BFMV

I like bands like Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Oldies so I just spent 50 bucks on ths concert and im not even sure if im gonna like it... what do you guys think about those bands??

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I was forced to take my sister to see Bullet For My Valentine. I would have rather masturbated with a cheese grater.

Then again I don't like emo/metal/emocore/metalcore/metalemoscreamohardcore or whatever its labeled as.
taste of chaos i presume?

bullet for my valentine is really the only good band
but i heard atreyu sounds awesome live

well hope u have fun
You already spent the money. Go.

It'll broaden your musical horizons. Who knows, you might just end up liking it.
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well i dont know them either but that sucks man. just pit and make the best of it.
Yeah I heard that Avenged Sevenfold are bad live.
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why would you wanna see any of the bands mentioned in the first paragraph? none are good
just sellyour tickets
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I like bands more along your lines, and I don't care too much for the bands at that concert. I especially don't like Atreyu, but I like a little of bfmv.

Give it a shot, though. Maybe you'll like it. If you don't think so, sell it.
sounds pretty scene but. like. get inebriated or high or something. it might make it cooler.
well if you like a7x then you will like bullet for my valentine,plus they are realy good live.idk about bless the fall,and atreyu is watch bfmv and make out with chiks during the others
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I heard A7X and Boner for my Valentine aren't that great live. I personally don't enjoy blessthefall live as I've been dragged to one of their shows. Dunno about Atreyu though. I don't like any of those bands anyways.

But make the best of it. You already spent the money.
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Yeah I heard that Avenged Sevenfold are bad live.

They were great at Ozzfest. Syn can improv pretty well, too. Every band has off shows, and with the amount of people that hate on A7X, I'm sure one of these incidents was blown out of proportion, if not entirely fabricated.

As for the bands you're seeing, threadstarter, I don't particularly like any of them, but you presumably have different musical tastes than I, so I don't see the point of this thread. At all.

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Boner for my Valentine

How clever
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I saw Atreyu live and they were pretty terrible. They also blew off the autographs, which I was standing in line for for like 45 minutes....
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wehre did u guys hear a7x wasnt good live from a blind/deaf person?!?!?!... but anyway idk im not a big fan of those bands soo goodluck!
BTF are sweet but the lead singer is gone.
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i have tickets for that show too probably not the same city but i love A7X and BFMV and atreyu i havnt heard any of the others but im really excited to go!!
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Enjoy it.
Even if you don't like the bands.
I've done that countless times.
if you get drunk enough, you can mosh without even really listening to the music and still have a great time
i think you overpayed. my ticket wasnt that much
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I've been dragged to see A7X live three times, and yes they suck live, especially the guitarists "improvs" which consist of him sweep picking a bunch of random notes completely out of key. But if you like them then you will probably like this lineup
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Go on you tube and check it out...if you like it great if you don't sell it. Don't ask other people for your opinion it doesn't work. If you hate it and i like it does it really matter no. And if it is taste the chaos there are quite a few more bands so check them out to you may like them...
i'm goin 2 taste of chaos on the 15th i think its a banging lineup myself

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Yeah I heard that Avenged Sevenfold are bad live.

Then again, someone could've just told you that because M. SHADOWS SUCKS NOW!!!

Meh, don't be a pessimist, TS. A show's a show. Just have fun
eh, i dont like any of those bands.. but, sadly ill be at that show too... the things i have to put up with for women. im just gonna hope theres some emo/hardcores to smash so i can validate spending more then $100 on a show i dont want to see. if you like one of the bands the show wont be bad because youll get your moneys worth.
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No, there's that driveby hardcore dancing stuff too...
If you can't sell the ticket, then you can go just for A7X.
And WTF!? 50 bucks? In Argentina Iron Maiden are playing for 31!

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BTF are sweet but the lead singer is gone.

so true have you heard who the new singer is yet?
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Atreyu are an amazing band live. I seen them about 3 months ago and they were amazing.
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bfmv is alright its like hardcore (as in screamo) metal with awesome solos they've got plenty of talent but I don't necessarily like them.

Blessthefall is straight up screamo... I like you might not

atreyu has some cool riffs not bad stuff there.

BBQEDIT: why are you worried about these bands? you thought you were going to A7X.
These bands aren't any worse than them.
Quote by synpet713192
Then again, someone could've just told you that because M. SHADOWS SUCKS NOW!!!

Meh, don't be a pessimist, TS. A show's a show. Just have fun

+1, I would probably like them more than I do if they had a different vocalist.
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