Well, i've always had trouble with eighth rests, and at this week's lesson my song for the week is full of them. I have most of the song down, but their is one part, so if you guys could tell me what beats to play on i would greatly appreciate it. The part goes, eighth rest, whole note, eighth note, eighth rest, whole note, eighth note. Thanks in advance.... Also, I'd like to improve this skill, so can you all recommend me something to learn with alot of eighth rests in it? Once again, thanks in advance...
Are you sure that those are whole notes that you are talking about? Also, what is the time signature?
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You know, I bet a lot of people have trouble with this because they never practice
it. It's not that easy. They think advanced sweeping and tapping will improve
thier playing where in reality its doing this kind of stuff that will do a lot more.

You have to *slowly* count "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 and 2 and....".

The numbers are the downbeats, the "and" are the upbeats. (use a metronome.
the downbeat falls on a tic, the upbeat right between a tic.)

If you had an eigth note rest on 1, you'd start playing the first note on the "and"
right after it. You have to work that out with all your notes and rests everwhere in
the measures. It's a bit like talking and chewing gum at the same time at first, but
practice makes perfect!
Alright, thanks alot for that. I have most of the song, it's just that one part that keeps getting me. I can play it if it would be like one eighth rest in a measure, but when their are 2 or more I get messed up... I mainly didn't understand when to play the eighth rest, I thought I was starting on the and before 1....
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