i love to play blues like SRV, Hendrix, John Mayer, BB king and i was wondering if i should get the ac15 15watt.
yes. i got this amp a couple weeks ago and it is amazing. it can't really do extremely high heavy metal type gain, but it's great for the blues
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The AC15 is great but I'd get the AC30 if it were in your price range. And you might want to look into some Fender tube amps too. Those artists strike me as having more of an American/Fender tone; not that the AC15 wouldn't sound amazing playing them. Check out some Rory Gallagher clips to see what to expect as far as playing blues through a Vox. (with a treble booster)
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i have the ac15 and love it to bits. only thing is it doesnt have enough gain for what i play so it needs an od/dst/fuzz to get decent gain at a decent volume. The gain on the amp should be enough for what you play though.

the ac15 has got a fantastic full and transparent sound. it does cleans really well and and mild overdrive even better.(IMO) even though it isnt too popular here i think its a great amp.
+1 its one of the best amps ive played
it sounds pretty bad with a BMP, just a heads up if u get it