Can someone Photoshop a picture of John Stamos or Bob Saget saying "The End". Thanks!


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This chick that looked like shrek ****ed me while I was passed out on xanax. I screamed when I woke up.
yeah right now just give me 5 minutes okay?....

"Where the Beatles wanted to hold your hand, the Stones wanted to fuck your sister or daughter"

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You mean add a speech bubble? You can do that in paint.

I'm on a mac.

As for the reason behind is not important.
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*head explodes*
You sir, are a god.

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This song is about Little Red Riding Hood and her trials and tribulations with the Big Bad Wolf. He was a cunt who liked to bother pigs when they relaxed after work in their houses.
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Do I ever ask you such personal questions?

I think not. Now please leave me alone.