fret buzz from being tuned so low. get higher guage strings if your goin to keep it in that tuning.
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Quote by thegiaco2112
hi there

my problem is when i tune my bass in F C G D A the first 4 frets sound metalic it doesnt sound the note what should i do ?

It could be the neck so check that
what gague are you playing? because 2 steps down on a 5 youre going to want some massive strings
Isn't that only one whole step down on each string? That doesn't require "massive strings"
i think he put the strings high to low...duh. i'm not used to it either. if it's on all the frets get higher gauge strings.
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You might want to get some higher gauge strings if you're tuning down on a 5 string. The B is already quite low, so by making it lower, you're probably getting quite a bit of fret buzz.
Remember, retuning is going to need reintonating, reset of action and relief, due to the change in tension. Dropping down an E to a D is no problem, but when you do it to all four/five/six strings, the tension change is very noticeable. There should be no need to increase string gauge in this case though.