Well I'm selling my BC Rich The Best IT guitar since it just sits around. I used it for another 3 months then put it down when I got my Dean guitar. The thing has 3 VERY minor dents on the points that are only noticable when inspected real close, no paint has been damage on it anywhere. The amp is a Marshall MG15DFX. I used that for about the same amount of time before I got my Randall half stack. They both work perfect. The guitar has fresh strings on it. I am asking $500 plus shipping for both, I paid about $700. You can pm me or email me at KeeperOfTheFlame@rcn.com Thanks

I live in NJ. Will ship or meet up if close.
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can i see brighter pics of the beast. i can really see any details of it. does it have a trem? what kind of pickups?? inlays?...etc