Pull Apart Your DNA

You mock other birds in style and grace
but that names already taken and not of your race.
You neither blue nor black or any of that kind
your a bird so rare, impossible to find.

They'd call you a dreamer for all your inept.
They'd call you foolish for all you've kept.
They'd rather pull apart your DNA.
And put it back together with mainstream decay.

Following a kind so unlike your own
Sporting wings although you've never flown.
Falling into step, stepping up your rhyme
Drowning in their water, H2O so devine.

Pull your head back out of the gutter
a head so damned close to a boat rutter.
Push your feet out and swim far away
Cough up the forever continuous May.

I'd call you a fighter for all that you've wept
I'd call you richer for the tears that you've swept.
I'd rather cement your double helix forever
So you won't have to hide during horrible weather.

But you let them call you by name of the Dodo
and have you bear the ring like a poor 'Frodo'.
You take their harsh words for what their worth
and brush those tears back; back and forth.