Hi, so I've been teaching myself bass for a little over 2 years.

but there's still a couple things I haven't quite understood.

Can you guys tell me the purpose/significance/definition of the following?

_ band EQ

and if there's anything of the sort you guys think i missed, i'd really appreciate it if you guys educated me on it.

I really appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot, guys.
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Low- is like your bass is usually deeper.
Mid- mid is everything in between and the core of it
High-High is your tremble and usually higher
_ band EQ
Gain-Is distortion
Presence-Presence is simple the presence of it if it sounds distant or in your face
Frequency-Is the measurement of vibration in hertz and is relevant to pitch (ex. how high or lower a given note is.)
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your lows mids and highs are your EQ. if you crank your highs and drop everything else, youre going to get a higher sound. mids give a midrange sound, and lows are the bass. tweak 'em and you'll get it.

Gain: if its independent from your volume and depends on amp,can either be:A) how much distortion is in your amp or B) a volume booster.

i think presence is more like a contour feature on some amps (if im wrong, i know someone will correct me). it just fleshes out the sound. im not really sure about it or frequency
gain is actually how much signal is being passed through the preamp (low, mid, high). Your gain setting on your amp will vary from bass to bass depending on how hot your pickups are. Ashdown amps actually have a meter that helps you get just the right amount of gain. Its a pretty cool feature.