Hey, this a song me and my band wrote, its probably not in the final version but its pretty close.
Influences for this song are : Protest the hero, Between the buried and me and Streetlight manifesto, enter shikari.

Theres one part where it seems like its going on for too long but its just i dont know how to get palm mute to ring but

Anyways tell me what you think.
gp tabs.zip

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not bad but pretty generic. i could definitely see the enter shikari and a little bit of protest, but you lost me on the btbam and the streetlight. i didn't see any ska in that at all. i did like the keyboard thing at the beginning though
Loved every second of it, except for the repeats. Very cool metalcore song. Very unique in comparison to most metalcore. The tremello picking part sounded awesome as well. Definitely cut down the mosh riff down though, way to long. 9/10
Good stuff..

I definitely see the influence of Enter Shikari.

I really liked all the riffs except the 17/16 one. Seems like you were trying to hard to give it an abnormal time sig.

Good stuff overall. Might be almost too much like Enter Shikari but what the hell, good song either way.


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