i personolly think the micro cube is bettor because it sounds less digital
and kills in the effects and gain models not only that but the cleans are just as good as the vox's

i would like to think what you fellow UG'ers think
what do you guys think is the bettor amp
the only reason im asking is because im ganna buy one tommorow and just wanted to know for the hell of it

the main reason i am buying it is to have something to just take around to school to work to anywhere i bought one of those fender 1 watters and they just sucked
what do i expect for 50 bucks but whatever
also i need to save my amp some tube time
I spent some time a/bing them, and I owned the DA5's larger brother, the DA15, for a year.

IMO the Vox is better for cleans and blues, and I liked the effects on it more. The Clean 1 or 2 model with some reverb sounds great. The Blues 3 channel with some gain and compression will get you Black Sabbath-ish tones.

I liked the higher-gain settings on the Microcube more than on the Vox.

For high gain, get the Microcube. For cleans and blues (or nearly anything else), consider the Vox DA5.

But they are both good at what they do -- providing a small, portable, potentially battery-operated practice amplifier. I don't think you can go wrong with either.