Well I'm in a band, I've written an original, and I'm trying to write another, but I can't! Nothing sounds good to me.

And I think I may know why, I don't know much theory. So I was thinking there may be some scale or something metalcore players use to write songs? Because its obvious the way I know is limiting the riffs I create.

Or is song writing all with time?

Thanks a lot.
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or is it inspiration? are you trying too hard to write something? just let it come to you, that's how your going to write your best stuff. stop trying, just noodle around, and you may come up with something. or maybe not, but, don't plan on writing a song, it wont be inspired/
There isn't a specific metalcore scale, I guess you could use the natural minor. Always listen to a lot of the kind of music you're trying to write, and downloading GP tabs helped me immensely. Also seek inspiration in various other genres (:
i know one way i sometimes write riffs... listen to a song you really like, but dont know how to play at all. listen to it a couple times over, than try to play the song by ear, by yourself, without looking up tabs or anything. i often find this gives me interesting rhythms.

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