ok well i want to get into song writing and i am such a bad poet:P
my question is how do you guys choose waht to write your songs about? i dont want to write songs that are written for the sake of writing i want it to reflect on my life/feelings but i dont know how to beging

any advice is apprectiated
preety much anything

i can write a song about introspection induced by drugs (my most recent one)

or just the about the nature...

about existance...

about every different feeling i go trough in my day
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Check out this forum for a lengthy discussion of your question:


^what he said.

The main Songwriting and Lyrics forum is for pieces up for criticism only. The "Techniques" subforum is there for all writing talks .

The thread truly ninja linked you to is about inspiration, so that's pretty much what you need to read .

Please take any further discussion there .