So I am finally wrapping up a project that I have put off for a year or so. I own an Ibanez RG350dx in white that I bought stock. I should have everything finished up in the next two days. Ive had to route holes for the 9v, EMG EXB, and EMG AB. Once completed the mods will include:

Custom pick guard
Custom truss rod cover (matches pick guard)
Custom 9v battery cover behind bridge (matches pick guard)
Custom accent (matches pick guard)
EMG 81 (Bridge)
EMG 85 (Neck)
EMG SA (Middle) with own tone and volume knobs
EMG EXB (Expanded bass and treble, dropped mids)
EMG Afterburner (Up to 20 db gain)
Master tone and volume knobs
New EMG jack

These are all the mods for now. I am thinking of upgrading the bridge and locking nut later on. I will be very happy to have the guitar up and running again. This is my dedicated standard tuned guitar, and accompanies my Schecter C1 classic (my drop D guitar) during gigs. I have done all of the work myself except for cutting the pick guard and truss rod cover. Ill post the pictures that I have currently and then post the final ones after everything is done. Let me know what you think.

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looks awesome already =D

i wish i had teh skills to custom my axe lol
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**** that looks nice
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The pattern is really cool. Is it just some plastic you found at a shop?
I actually found the pattern online and love it. I got Terrapin Guitars to custom cut the pick guard and truss rod cover for me. They had the material. Check them out, they make some quality products/cuts.

Terrapin Guitars

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that is amazingly nice.
Two things to note:
I have better luck with the 85 in the bridge on basswood guitars. Seems a little more alive and less shrill. The EXB may offset this though, so you may not need the 85 in the bridge. Also, that after burner is designed for passive pickups. It may be a bit too much with active pickups, but try it and see.

Otherwise, looks pretty good. Those scratchplates look sweet too!
i've seen the afterburner used on the 81, 85 before check out the ESP DJ600 and the TM600.

by the way this guitar is like seriously one of the nicest looking things i have ever seen.
Haha thank you all for the praise. I didnt know that my color/scheme taste would be liked by so many. Ill be sure to get some quality pics up of the entire thing done. As far as the electronics go, this guitar is highly experimental. I believe that the EXB is supposed to be in bass guitars, and I should have an EXG in there instead. If it returns bad results, Ill make the swap. Same thing goes with the 85 in the bridge idea. Thanks to everyone again.