Ive ****ed up: wherein we discuss the need for mojo and other mistakes

Alright, so, the wednesday before last,my girlfriend, ali, broke up with me.
I was pretty upset at first, for a couple of reasons.
First: we've been friends for eeeeever, and just recently, we've both started to really like each other.

we just got closer and closer, and her friends started noticing and talking to me about it, saying stuff like, "omg will you leik totally have to go out with ali you guys would be leik the best couple". one friend in particular started pushin' me really hard to ask her out or just talk to her about it, because by this point, both ali and i knew that we liked each other

so we start going out.

the thing with ali though, is that shes one of those people thats allergic to everything. so i had to give up soooooo much food. ALL nuts. anything with soy in it. sea food. more and more and more. i could only have one kind of gum.

so then, in the third week of going out, she starts to act really wierd. she starts distancing herself, and we lose that really special connection we had before.

im basically in love with this girl, so i start taking that really hard.
then, over the weekend, i plan to talk to her and try to work things out.
but she gets there first.
without even trying to see if we could continue, she just said, i think we should end.

so i took this pretty hard, just kinda fuming about how unfair it was that everyone said wed be such a good couple and how that turned out to be bs and stuff like that.


a week later, my school band goes to seattle.
i was pretty bummed because not many of my friends were going, but these really attractive girls in grade 11 were going, and ive partied with them and stuff before so i just started hangin out with them, and im a people person, so i adapt.


the next night, in seattle, at the hotel room.
they invite me over to their room because they snuck some alchohol over the border in their instrument cases.


2.30 in the morning, we're all drunk (its me, the 4 girls in the room, and a younger guy in grade 9)
and basically, we all start hookin up, except i avoid this one girl but spend my majority of my time with another one.
i sleep over in their room


next night
we do the same thing


me and this one girl are friends now (this happened starting last thursday ending sunday)


monday morning
i have a hickey
i still like ali
i still love ali
i go to school
its totally fine
no one suspects anything
me and this other girl are chill beyond belief


tuesday morning
my hickeys fading
everything else is still true
go to school
start to here rumours
me and this other girl start panicking
i really dont want ali to find out
im sketchin out
Hmm... I say the answer is anal rape. Lots of it.
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
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Hmm... I say the answer is anal rape. Lots of it.

I didnt read because your wall of text fails, but this is most likely the best solution
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Hmm... I say the answer is anal rape. Lots of it.


Stick it in her pooper
Hurp De Durp
Ok, well....

kill yourself.

Edit: but before you do, i agree with sticking it in her pooper. hands down.
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oh man, seems as though i totally forgot about anal

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That made absoulutely no sense how do you tie your shoes in little nazi's?
damn thats teenage life for you. haha thank god i didnt go through that crap. Kept to myself and im perfectly fine today
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You are amazing.

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i really dont want ali to find out

And why should she care about what you're doing? She ended the relationship between you, you're free to move on, so move on.
yep I'd say .... your screwed sry man... unless hmmm well unless you tell the truth and say your sorry.. lol jk that never works . yep screwed..

Or Ali's sister??

Kudos to whoever gets that.
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Ok, well....

kill yourself.

Edit: but before you do, i agree with sticking it in her pooper. hands down.

...but before that donate youre guitars and stuff to me
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**** that ali girl, dude.

honestly, if she KNOWS you're already hookin up with another girl, she'll probably want you bad again. that's how they work, bro.
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I think this man has a reputation to defend and "poop head" is not in that reputation.

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Ali will find out. If you ever want her back, talk to her! Tell her how you feel, ask her why she ended it, and if tell her you slept with said girl. Or you'll never get her back.

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**** that ali girl, dude.

honestly, if she KNOWS you're already hookin up with another girl, she'll probably want you bad again. that's how they work, bro.

On the contrary, that is usually a crock of shit.

Talk to her man.
Time for some real advice.

There's not much you can do if someone tells her but I'd not tell her unless she finds out and if so confess to it and see what happens.

Then again from what I've learned from tv you should tell her before someone else does.

You're in quite the pickle.
Time for some REAL real advice. Go to the relationship thread. I'm not just being a dick either, you're bound to get better replies there.
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yeah dude, Ali ended it with you, move on. I recently made the mistake of passing up another chick for a chick that happens to be named ALI!!!, and nothing ever happened. Turns out that the other chick is a FREAK in bed, she REALLY liked me, and i liked her too.

But anyway, if you like this new chick at all, forget ali and go with her. she sounds like a pretty cool chick.
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Ali broke up with you and there is very very very little chance of you two getting back together, sooooo.... who cares?
ehh...you guys arent together so who cares right? remember, SHE dumped you, no reason for you to go back to her. Well time for me to go back to watching High School Musical...
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Alis a bitch

it's true. she is.
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yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
I don't get it, what's the problem? Your girlfriend broke up with you and you did stuff with someone else, so what?

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