Hey Guys, Just a quick question thats really frustrating me.
Everytime I've hooked up my Zoom G2.1u up, I get this extremely screechy distortion, no it's not feedback, it's the actual sound itself. It's really frustrating trying to play something like enter sandman without any bass etc. I've put my amps settings onto clean, and even all my treble, bass, mid down to still no avail. Any tips or advice? Thanks guys.

Ps. The amp is a 30 Watt Laney combo
Pps. It sounds like it's got 20 treble, 0 bass and mid, if that helps.
Hmm...So your amp is on clean and that happens?

I really don't know, man.
(Not taking the piss) but is the guitar lead into the input and amp into output?
It's all I can think of :S

Try running it through the effects loops (if you aren't already).

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