DUDE!! Put down the distortion first..

I guess you have good tabs for it.. if not :


Here is an old video of mine from the stairway to heaven solo:

I know.. baddest camera position ever but try to see what my left hand is doing:


But I think this solo is too hard for you.. maybe it sounds pretty easy but ITS NOT!

Try playing some easier solos like Smells Like Teen Spirit or if this is too easy for you try the Paranoid Solo from Black Sabbath.

On my page there is the full song in lessons, just choose "Lessons" on the left side.. black sabbath.. paranoid and then youll find the solo parts in brackets (the whole solo is the "Solo" without brackets).

Ahm.. and use internet explorer for full functionality ( slow motion function and full video size).


Well.. practice a lot and dont give up, bro
Firstly..that video is deleted...>_< and yea..i have really crappy pedals, like 15 dollar pedals, so they are not that clear... And I will never give up guitar... It's funny, this one guy I know has been playing guitar for 10 years...and Im better than him in 3 months. sad eh? But I dont progress like I think most people do..I seem to do it in bursts...all of a sudden I can do this that I could never do before. Like in my first month, near the end, I tried 18 and life...could only do it at like 1/15 of the speed... I can do it perfectly now... Granted, I havent tried it since then.

sorry about the vid. I deleted it as I made a new one.

I also added lessons for the whole solo on my page:


Please use the Internet Explorer for proper video size and the slow-motion-function.

Yeah I know how it's like to have a great progress in a short time.
After 9 months I was able to play the master of puppets solo fluently and after a year the creeping death solo.

If you're interested: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oQs6f_Ljkk4

Whenever I play it it sounds like its broken into chunks...Just keep practicing eh? at a slow slow speed? IT was amazing the first time I tried it..

It was with the sail on soothsayer tab, it sounded like every note was like far apart, I practiced it on slow using WMP and now i can play it flawlessly... lol I just wish teh solo was better quality in the actual song...

I cant seem to get from the 5 on the e string to the 8 on the B string even on 30% speed, it still sounds broken up...any suggestions?

Do you bar 5? I cant really tell...
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