Okay I am kind of confused, let me explain. I decided on buying a tube amp (Roland cube 15x), I want to know why a lot of people hate the Line 6 models?

I have been playing guitar for a year now, and consider myself fairly good. I am completely self taught, and know alittle theory. I need new places to go! I am sick of my twangy sounding Squier strat and I think it is time to update. I am on a very tight budget and need the cheapest possible guitar with the best sound.

please find me a guitar?!
Btw Please don't tell me to go into the guitar store as we have none. I live on a tiny island, we have commercial stores!
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buying a tube amp (Roland cube 15x)!

Thats not a tube amp... A tube amp is like a Peavey Classic or like an Orange Rocker, blah blah blah.

But yah the line 6 spider is despised in this forum because of its digital and tinny sound. Since you have had a tube amp you won't be able to tell the difference, but the second you play with a tube amp you will know. I know i did.
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BUy a valve junior or fender chanp and some pedals!
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