Does anybody else here have windows live messenger or msn messenger? and if so is it just like. . . not working for no apparent reason. it wont let me sign in and when i try to troubleshoot it tests me internet connection, but like yea. . . wtf?
no, but i know someone who was fighting with it today

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Disconnect, reconnect, repeat.
My msn spazes out on me ALL THE TIME, to the point where I want to throw this machine at a wall
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Mine does all the time, I have to have an idle internet connection to get it to sign in.

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I use Adium on OS X, and never have a problem signing into MSN.
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I had a similar problem the other day. My conversations would cut out, but it wouldn't go offline or anything. It didn't even say "message could not be delivered..." It just seemed the person stopped responding, so I kept having to restart MSN.
I use AIM.
No problems with it.
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I have windows Live messenger and I am signed in right now. No problems for me today at all except once when I turned on my Xbox, it said I couldn't sign in. Other than that, no problems.
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Yesterday there was an all-together MSN CRASH over here in Holland... for me at least.
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Mine will close for no apparent reason, say can't send message for no apparent reason, wont sign in half the time. Freezes, responses slow all the time, will take forever to get to emails and start conversations i tihnk that it is a useless piece of **** mainly because it is but Mircosoft. but i still do use it cos its the best going round. unless there is any better that i dont know of.
get Trillian and use msn through that.
actually the problem was that my computer was set to 2005 (theres a specific reason for so, has to do with a registry key)