21 yrs old
PRS custom
Les Paul Custom
Ibanez Iceman Standard

Live in Orange, CA

playin 6 years, mostly informal training, practice 4x week average 4 hours/week last six years.. likely playing popular metal type riffs and stuff. Drop D and drop C are fave tunings

like deftones, as i lay dying, black dahlia murder, killswitch, avenged sevenfold, thrice, chiodos, devil wears prada, emery, mudvayne, underoath, unearth, to name just a few.

i like playing fast metal riffs, but i don' have long hair or anythign like that. i'll have a myspace up soon...will post maybe tomorrow..

looking for ppl around within 15 miles of orange - basically a decent drummer and/or another guitarist with similar tastes - just to jam out, nothing serious at all, except maybe consistent get-to-gethers maybe once a week or something. I'm just looking for some fun practice sessions...but it'd be cool to have someone with similar musical tastes/experience..

email me if you're interested or wanna see whats up -

ask all the questions...
then question all the answers.