I need to have sheet music for a musical theatre song tomorrow for my music class and I can't think of any musical theatre pieces that are rock or metal. Can you guys please give me any ideas of musical theatre pieces that aren't insanely long or too short and includes a decent solo part? Thanks.
Transiberian orchistra maybe? im not sure what you mean by musical theater.. like opera?
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Transiberian orchistra maybe? im not sure what you mean by musical theater.. like opera?

Yup. TSO, Avantasia (The Metal Opera), maybe even some Rhapsody?

The only thing I'm unsure of here is the "theater" bit.
I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe you are looking for something like symphonic metal? If so, listen to Epica or Nightwish. I think nightwish does a cover of phantom of the opera.
theres surely somthing in grease thats like, 50's rock and roll - ish.
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I don't really know, but The Who made a rock musical named Tommy. That should have some solos in there.
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i doubt anything like that exists
the only thing that comes to mind is "Little Shop of Horrors" & that was a musical
they performed it on Broadway though

it has a few rock tracks
you have rock musicals like rent...

go for operation mindcrime 2 by queensryche, the way they play it live looks pretty much like a musical to me anyways.

alternatively, if you'd like to adapt something to be used in a musical, i'm sure that any of the ayreon albums would be great for adapting.
Anything from We Will Rock You


The Tommy suggestion is good too, it's just a pity nobody's done a stage version of Spinal Tap yet
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it's too late now but there is a heavy metal musical out now, named something like "Deathwish" or something.
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