First off, my rig consists of a Mesa Single Rec Solo, Egnater cab, TU2 (tuner), NS2 (noise suppressor), Crybaby 535Q, and super chorus.

Second, I notice, even when using only my TU-2 in the line up, running on batteries, when it is in mute mode while tuning, it allows a faint signal though, and different hums and buzzes as different LED's light up.

Third, when i daisy chain my pedals up off of the TU-2 or NS-2 it creates ungodly amounts of noise through the signal. My guitar rig sounds like a plane ready to take off!

Also, when engaging my 535Q the switch emits a pop, which is know is the contacts arcing before actually touching. is there any way to fix it?

The head is on "Modern" with the gain all of the way up, and fairly loud. So i know this exaggerates all these problems even more. I'm using all Mogami cables, and have tried every other cable known to man.

Does anyone know what these problems could be from? Could there be a problem with my head thats some how contaminating the signal when multiple effects are chained up?

Thank you,