ok so this is the first set of lyrics i have ever written... haha tell me hwat you guys think

Verse 1:
Tap my foot to the beat
of whats written on the paper
The tune starts to groove
and with it I caper

The volume spiked up
the excitement over-flowing,
Readier than ever, we all begin glowing

Verse 2:
But when the music starts to talk,
it cant seem to speak
Yet it never stops flowing,
like a never ending creek

The rythem is lively
the notes begin to ring,
But if the song is really playing,
then why can't I sing?

Chorus 1:
But I keep on strumming cause if I don't I'm bound to lapse
And if my guitar starts to fall, I'll just tighten up its straps
I don't know where I am but I think I want to be here,
All I know for sure is I can hear the crowd cheer

Verse 3:
I think I missed a beat
or did I just lose count?
Or maybe I lost the rythem,
but then where can it be found?

So I listen but can't hear,
I look but can't see,
Lost between the measures,
Where I really shouldn't be

Chorus 2:
But I can't stop playing cause I can't afford to stall,
I was once at the top but I'm now about to fall
I don't know where I am but I know where I wanna be,
Anywhere but here is good enough for me

Verse 4/Chorus 3/Outro:
Time starts to slow
as the seconds becomes the years
I begin to cry for help,
As it falls on none but deaf ears

I don't know where I am or how I even got here,
All I really know is I want to disappear
Thats Awesome.

I feel it really gets you into the moment and feeling of it all.
Keep it up cuz your pretty good(imo)