There wasn't a sub-forum that worked in the Instruments forum, so I'll put this here.

My birthday is coming up, and I would like all of your help. I am deciding whether to get a ukulele or a keyboard. As of now, all I have is an electric guitar.

I like the idea of a keyboard because I think it will greatly help my knowledge of music theory. It will help me to learn things (scales/chords) in terms of notes rather than frets, and I always thought pianists/keyboardists were cool. I just think they are cool. I also found a very nice looking one. I love all the sounds it comes with, the effects, the digital built in chord book, and the built in metronome.

As for the uke, I always wanted one. I just love the idea of a mini, portable guitar with a unique tuning. I think it would be fun to play and very easy to bring places (like college). Hell, I could even bring it on car trips! I think they are very cool. It would also improve my knowledge of music theory, since I would have to transfer all the memorized knowledge of fret numbers I have now for all the chords I know into notes so that I could play them on a different tuning. I think it would be easier for me to pick up quicker than the keyboard too.

So what do you think? Either way I'm sure it'll be a great birthday present, though
I'm so excited!
But anyways, the portable keyboard with built in speakers and many effects and digital chord help, or the ukulele and stick with stringed instruments and natural sound rather than digital.

As of now, I'm probably leaning closer to the uke.
And I am open to uke suggestions if you know of any good ones

Assuming you aren't buying this for yourself, get the most expensive thing for your birthday then buy the other.
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Assuming you aren't buying this for yourself, get the most expensive thing for your birthday then buy the other.

And here I was thinking this thread was about something worth my interest. Like a nice keyboard for your computer. =(
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i want a ukulele for the same reasons as you but in your case definately the keyboard. if youre band makes it and you wana do a rock balad, you need a piano/keyboard thing
Haha, I'm not trying to make it big, I'm just a hobbyist who likes to have fun. And that's true about the rock balads, but I usually play blues, classic rock, or jazz.
I imagine a keyboard would suit me a bit better, but I don't know. I just love the idea of a uke.

So I have about $600 of my own that I was hoping on putting in my college fund, but I guess I could spend a hundred of it and buy myself the keyboard I posted, and ask for a uke for my birthday. That would be cool.
Here's the ukes that seem the best to me on musicians friend, but keep in mind this is based purley on reviews and what seems to be good to me. btw, I don't want a baritone, and I definitely want 4 strings. preferably acoustic, but acoustic-electric is acceptable.
Maximum my parents will spend is 200, but I could pitch in 20 bucks or so towards my gift.

you should really try get a keyboard that is touch sensitive. so that when push comes to shove and you gotta play on a piano or something, your not gonna have a light or heavy touch.

i wish i got into keyboard sooner, cos i just started my bachelor of music degree 2 days ago and i now have a 5% keyboard assessment on monday. fun fun.
/\ that's actually a very good point. I'm gonna check out a couple more keyboards
haha, that wasn't hard. So this is apparently the same as the one I posted, but with touch sensitivity, a few more features, more settings, etc.
I imagine I could ask for this along with the 'survival kit' for just about 200, and then buy the uke on my own. The only reason I'd get the survival kit is for the ac adapter and the footswitch, because seperately they would come to about the same price as the kit..
Ukuleles look silly.
Keyboards are pure win if they have a decent synth pad.
Ukuleles aren't as versatile as guitars.
Keyboards are monstrously versatile and excellent for writing music with.
Ukuleles liek mudkipz, which is all well and good, but...
Keyboards have bear cavalry.

Keyboard ftw.