Poll: Carvin V3 or Carvin X100B?
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Carvin V3
3 60%
Carvin X100B
2 40%
Voters: 5.
So I'm in a small situation here, I've finally settled on getting a carvin amp, there are just too many good reviews, i just have to have one to see what the hype is about.

I was considering the V3 for the longest time, but then i heard about the X100B being reissued and coming out this year, and i've heard some monster stuff about this amp as well.

I love the features on the V3, but what about tone? does it beat the X100B?
Since i play jazz and funk for the most part, i need a really good clean tone, but at the same time, i need a really awesome lead channel as well for more petrucci-like solos, all that fast stuff, you know?

I was wondering if I could get some opinions on which head to get, I'm having some trouble figuring it out for myself, so I'm hoping that the good people of UG can help out a bit.

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