Okay, this may sound REALLY..Noobish? Probably? and there's alot of assuming..Also, if my talk seems a little condescending, it's because I'm not so sure the terminology yet and want to make sure that even through my idiocy that it can be understood.

But a long time ago before I started getting serious, I was playing around and my high E string snapped. I decided "Huh..i need a new one". I didn't read that it's probably a good idea to buy a whole new set of strings since their inexpensive and it's good to have the same type anyways (This is right, I assume?)

So a few days ago I bought an entirely new set of strings. I wasn't sure, so the store owner said most Ibanez stock guitars come with .009's. So he gave me a set.

However, it seems that (Before they snapped because I'm assuming I tried to tune them too high, too soon without letting them get used to the tension, or so I made this deduction from the Q&A thread) the low E string on the guitar DOESN'T fit into the notch (Or, as the string guide called it, 'The incisions on the bridge') at the top of the neck, just before the tuning peg, and seems to be a little..Tight? inside the tuning peg.

Am I doing something wrong? All the other strings fit perfectly in place without a single problem, but the problem is when I try to tune it up, it simply slips out of the notch and hangs over the side of the bridge, being loose as it is.

Anyways, if that rant was even understandable, I hope someone can provide a newbie with a little knowledge on how to restring his guitar, and hopefully not snap all his new strings again.. Thanks in advance.
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hm.. get a new nut? or try with a thinner low E? .042 maybe?

Actually, it must have been some stupidity by me. Just for kicks, I went back to it (Regardless of the fact it needs all new strings all around) and tuned it up, and it didn't pop out. So, I'm guessing I just made some stupid mistake on the first time I was doing it..I apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused but hopefully if someone looks up the thread, they'll give it a second try before they get too frustrated!