I know there are other threads like this but this is my first post so please have mercy.

I used to play guitar when I was a kid and basically stopped playing when I had to move to college...blah blah, I am in my 30's now and had an early mid-life crisis--maybe I was inspired by the Led Zep Reuinion--anyway I went out and bought a Schecter Tempest Custom even though I hadn't picked up an electric guitar in like 10 years...flash forward 6 months...me and my sad old buddies are playing a gig! I broke a low E string on stage. Who the hell breaks a low E string! I chalked this up to nervousness and hitting the strings hard...now I break strings all the frigging time and I don't know what is going on. I even looked at video tape of myself and I am not hitting the strings hard at all.

The last guitar I owned as a kid I had a crappy Japanese made Squier and I beat the living hell out of that and hardly every broke a string even with super slinkys on there.

I am using regular 10 boomers and I swear I am not slamming the strings hard. I am nor using Shark Teeth for picks either. They don't just break at the saddle or the nut either, they break everywhere. Oh, if this helps...when I break the fat low strings they don't usually break outright, they go out of tune, get loose, and fall off in the course of a song.

Am I cursed? Is the Devil in my Schecter?

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where exactly are the strings breaking? check the nut and the bridge for any sharp edges or something
maybe strings are just poorly made now<p>i'm 17 and i run through a set every 2 weeks like clock work cuz i play really hard and bust my wound strings
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Do they break soon after you put them on or after you've had them for awhile?

btw I just broke a string tonight too : (
has any1 every broke a heavy sting near the head?

mine only bust by the bridge where my pick'n hand goes
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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I did the cotton ball trick and there were no catches. Of course all my friends are in their 30s and 40s and they are giving me a load of crap saying I bought a little kid's metal guitar. So then I asked them for a couple of thousand bucks so I gould get a real Les Paul and that shut them up. But as far as I can tell from board surfing and whatnot Schecters aren't really known for super cheap hardware.
Oh and they break everywhere....Oh, yeah they are newish strings like never on for more than a few days....the strings the guitar came with stock lasted for months...
that's really strange...if it's breaking in random spots then I'd say it's the string it self. Try a different brand...
Try Ernie Ball. I've been using them for over a year and I've only ever broken one string, which was when I was stretching it in way too hard.
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Hmm strange, one explanation could be you strung it up wrong and the string twisted as you wound it up to pitch. Could be I dunno, I'd try a different brand also like previously stated and see if it happens again and just take it slow while stringing them up. I use GHS Boomers and love them and never broken any, might be the way you're stringing them up
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I play hard and I've only broken three strings in my two years of playing guitar. I use .10 D'Addarios, they've always sounded and felt good, and they take my pummeling without shedding a single tear. Real troopers, those D'Addarios. My suggestion is to try other brands of strings, and if you rest your hand on the bridge, make sure you're not pressing too hard. Perhaps you're even stringing your guitar improperly. I ****ed up when I last strung my guitar, so the strings go out of tune easily. Too lazy to put another set on so I'll play 'till it breaks, but that could be your problem too.
How the heck do ppl go about not breaking string?

i play at least 3hrs a day my strings always break. is it bcuz i'm a heavy handed rythm player
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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in two years, ive never actually broken a string while playing... not at all. Weird....
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I broke a thousand strings, GHS strings last me up to 6 sometimes 8 months a set if I wipe them down when I'm done, I usualy change them before that time period anyways.
I could have been anything, where they new when you played it, if not that could have been an issue, a lot of factors are involved.
I broke more A strings than anyother string. actualy, I must of broke 3 e's in 4 years, of gigging.
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I've never broke a string while playing and i've been playing for 3 years. My guitar teacher broke one of my strings and i broke one yesterday tuning it badly and it was a crappy string but never while playing

Also my first year of playing I never changed the strings coz I didnt realise you were supposed to :S :S
I had a guitar (for a very short while) that ate up the high E string. I found it was a rough edge on a saddle. Have a look at your saddles and nut and see if you have anything cutting into the string.