ok..i don't know how,but i actually downloaded this stupid tool bar by accident...and it keeps telling me that my com is infected when its not..

i've ran all my anti spyware crap and its all safe...yet its still bugging me...how do i get rid of it? no obvious delete button anywhere...can anyone help?
go into the computer control panel in the start menu and look for add/remove programmes, it should be there.
If not, look for the files on your hardrive and just rip them out.

If both fail, again go into control panel > computer maintenance > system restore.
Use system restore and set your computers settings to the day before you downloaded it
control panel - add/remove hardware - security toolbar 7.1 - uninstall
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it doesn't appear anywhere...its just on a panel on the internet page...the panel under adress...and stupid things keep popping up..