anybody know if a person with some html knowledge could earn money by making money off a website and getting affiliates with guitar center and musician friend and stuff?

in case you dont know they work by if you click the link on my page and buy a $1000 guitar, i would get maybe $50 or something which can add up if you got 1000s of visistors daily...

could work...but what kind of website...hmmm?

I was thinking of a website to promote artists like me you and other dude who is in their basement with their little home studio. something like to upload a song you have to listen to 3 other songs and leave a comment on each?

and then money comes in from all these artists clicking on the legit musicians friend, guitar center, zzsounds affiliate links and buying stuff (or purposely clicking on them before buying something )

I think it could work possibly, oh and a deal with that cc copyright company as a sponser for your songs so that they are copyrighted would work well too.

Anybody, possibly? Maaaaybe?
oh and this is just a place that would be for listening, not downloading

reply, because you are the type of people who would most likely like these kind of things

EDIT: I could probly put the UG album up for listening on the front page if it was requested

EDIT2: read my most recent post

oh and if somebody wanted to assist in making all the pages for these reviews, id be happy
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Probably not going to work. For one, anyone that goes from your site to guitar center or whatever and finds a guitar they like probably isn't going to buy it there and then but instead favourite it.

Then, if they were to come back and buy it, they wouldn't know the customer came from your site.
What. Like UG?
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hmmm i forgot about how much memory mp3's take up

could do like gear reviews or somethin?
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