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i own a strat and i have an extremely crappy amp it only has volume bass treble and an overdrive button. i want to get the most out of my strat but with this amp it sounds like any other guitar. but i wrote a song for my band and it involves a quick change from palying clean to playing distorted. so i want to know if i should get a new amp or a chorus/distortion pedal first.
my budget is between 150-200 (the guitar store in my town is going out of business, everything is really cheap i got my strat there for 170) and it doesnt matter what brand of pedal or amp as long as you can get the sound close to a marshall
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Couldn't you just get an amp with a channel selector pedal?
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Couldn't you just get an amp with a channel selector pedal?

I agree. But if this is over budget, then you can get pedals really cheap that'll do the job - like a boss DS1.
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buy an amp with a footswitch. since everything is so cheap you might be able to get a good deal.
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